Al 18F Green Beret

Green Beret Creative Director/Instructor 22 year highly motivated and decorated Army veteran who has served in both conventional units and in Special Forces during war and peacetime. Self-starter with high level of work ethic and attention to detail. Effective leader of personnel in peace and wartime. Dedicated supervisor who always puts the accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of his personnel before himself. Solution oriented problem management. Instructor of surgery and anesthesia at the Special Forces medical course. World class survival science instructor and active homesteader. Proven record of effectively managing multiple tasks with little to no guidance, in stressful environments and on short time tables. Experienced and efficient manager of personnel and equipment. Specialties: Combat Marksmanship, Long Range Mobility Operations, Urban Evasion, Long Range Target Interdiction, Tactical Combat Medicine, Austere Critical Care Medicine, HUMINT and Counter Surveillance, Combat Development/Force Modernization, Survival Escape and Evasion, and low-visibility operations. Profile, references, resume and CV available on Linked in
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