Rocket Stoves

Fire is a key skill/asset for anyone looking to become more self sufficient. Learning how to use rockets stoves are a great way to cut down on fuel requirements. Rocket stoves work on a very simple principle and can be modified for a variety of home and agricultural uses. [caption id="attachment_74" align="alignright" width="257"]Basic rocket stove set up Basic rocket stove set up[/caption] What is a rocket stove? It's simple, a rocket stove super heats an exhaust chimney to create secondary combustion of excess fuel. This is generally achieved by creating a L-shape steel vent where the primary burn is started at the base and exhaust (Smoke) is passed thru a longer shaft. If the shaft is insulated, it will speed up the time it takes to achieve secondary combustion. Once the shaft is hot enough for secondary combustion, it will begin draft air as the air expands. This produces a rocket sound as air passes thru the fuel....Hence "Rocket" stove. Anytime you see smoke you are looking at unused fuel that has been aerosolized and released thru the exhaust. This is how wood fuel burners make their money (in theory), but it also means more fuel to achieve the same amount of heat. By igniting the excess fuel normally released in the smoke you can either achieve a hotter fire, or the same fire with less fuel. A hot running rocket stove produces virtually NO smoke. If you the prepper rely on fire for utility and general warmth, over aesthetics, then look into rocket stoves and see if making the switch is right for you. Save time on fuel harvest, and make your winter stock pile last longer. As always if you have any questions contact us, or follow us on Facebook @ Crisis Application Group


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