North Korean Nuclear Attack on The United States - A Threat Analysis

North Korean Nuclear Attack on The United States - A Threat Analysis



 North Korea is gonna Nuke us into the stone age!!!!!

US missile defense shield cannot stop North Korean nuclear missile attack 

There has been a lot of saber rattling in East Asia as of late between the Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) also known as North Korea(NK) on one side and the United States (US), Republic of Korea (ROK) also known as South Korea, and Japan on the other side. The pundits love to scurry about with their hands in the air proclaiming that the sky WILL fall at any minute and there's NOTHING that we can do about it!
After MANY conversations on social media, campfire discussions, and morning coffee mutterings I've been coerced by friends and family to "just go ahead and say it so we can all hear it!"

Therefore, lets forget about what the media and politicians are saying for the moment, and look at this objectively. I'd like to share with you my findings from my research, mostly from open source, the rest from my experience as an EOD Technician assisting the WMD Counter Proliferation efforts of the United States.

Please Remember, due to the secretive and insular nature of North Korea, accurate information is incredibly difficult to glean from unclassified sources, so some of this article will likely be taken by some as conjecture.

I would also like to apologize for my shameless use of others research data, graphics and photos. I googled them and used them, if you didn't want them shared, they shouldn't be on the internet without a watermark! Besides, they were all really good stuff!

This is NOT a technical analysis. It is NOT for use by anyone in a technical or tactical capacity. I will NOT divulge classified information, no matter how hard you may ask! I still consult for the DoD on occasion and that would be a bad thing for me professionally, so let's all agree to keep this on the "Low Side". 

Guess What .... The North Koreans are NOT going to nuke us into the stone age!
There, I said it, the cat's out of the bag!


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