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Why Join Crisis Application Group

Crisis Application Group's message has always been the same.  With some of the changes and new look some are starting to ask "what's in it for me?", "why should I join?".  If you're reading this, then you already have an interest and have looked at the new webpage.  If you are out there and have questions of what to do and not sure where to go, well you're at the right place.  

Started by a retired Green Beret who noticed that the Quality basic information and understanding of how to survive in a crisis was limited and almost non-existent.  It has since morphed into a diverse community who all bring their own special knowledge and experiences.  We work to support each other before, during and post crisis.  
During the 2018 hurricane season virtually all our teams self-engaged to support the teams who were being affected by the storms.  Post storms, teams physically and remotely deployed to the affected areas to offer knowledge, resources, and support.  CAG has team members who are still working to support storm relief in Puerto Rico.

It Takes a Village

The first rule of CAG is family first.  

Secondly is that it takes a village.  The misconception of the tin foil hat wearing hermit who lives with piles of ammo in his living room couldn't be further from he truth.  We foster an environment only for mature law abiding members who are self motivated and wish to promote a positive learning environment.  CAG can proudly say we have a career diverse membership that has a deep bench of knowledge.  Members know that when asking for help that the village is there and ready to help however they can.  

We also work with geographical located groups called A-teams.  These are members who have identified their location, train together and have set up an intercommunication system with each other to work as a team during a crisis.

Sourced Information

While we work hard to make information public and available to those who need it, we also provide our members with in depth, well researched, factual information that relates to current needs.  Our published articles use open sourced information and come from reliable data providers and most times are double checked with an alternate authority.  


Access to sources and experts sets CAG apart from other groups out there.  For our members, we have vetted experts who either are nationally recognized or are leaders in their disciplines and communities.  These experts come in with the knowledge that they are there as a reference and teaching resource and are willing to answer any questions that may relate to their expertise.  

All are welcome

Most importantly here is what we ARE NOT!!  

We are a-political we do not endorse any one political belief.  

The same goes for lifestyle and religious preferences.  How you want to live your life is your business.  So long as it's within the limits of the law go for it.  We won't judge and our members will accept your preferences.  We ask that it not become points of contention publicly or on our social media platforms.  Violations of this policy are taken offline and dealt with accordingly and quickly.


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