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Adjustable Oral Airways

For years we have watched clinicians struggle with the traditional airways. Many have stopped utilizing them altogether. We, at NuZone Medical, following American Heart Association (AHA) recommendations, felt that it was time for a new airway. One you could actually work with! We observed the current airways to be difficult to size correctly and insert; thus, making them uncomfortable for the patient. Plus, they do not allow for an easy airway clearance. In addition, if the patient’s Level of Consciousness (LOC) improves, the traditional airways stimulate a gag reflex, which makes it necessary to remove the airway with a potential for reinsertion if a need arises. The Dual-Air® Adjustable Oral Airway provides solutions to many of the above mentioned situations. This adjustable airway is pretty awesome for the field medic. We will be doing some more testing this year but after seeing this at the conference i just wanted to share it with all of you. Crisis Application Group Ready-Sure-Secure #JedburghTargets

18TAC (CAG affiliate Trainer)

One-Eight Trainer, Advisor and Consultants Inc. aka 18TAC is a US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) owned company that specializes in Leadership Development, Defensive Tactics and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training that expand our community in the San Antonio area. Capable of bidding on US Government contracts, our goal through our government section is to provide employment for transitioning US military service members and law enforcement professionals that still feel the desire to serve our great nation both on US soil and abroad.

David Marshall

CEO, Master Trainer, US Army Special Forces Weapons and Operations Specialist (Retired)

David Marshall is the Master Trainer for all of the programs.  He creates, tests, publishes and facilitates trainings in a myriad of techniques. His passion is using his Green Beret experience to empower communities to be strong, respectful and resilient.

Alex Cestaro

COO, Government Section Lead, US Army Combat Infantryman (Retired)

Alex Cestaro is the government section lead that is responsible for bidding on federal contracts for employing our veterans.  He lives on Cape Cod and is the Current Comptroller for the Cape.

Click on the logo below to learn more:

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Refund Policy

Never to Return Policy (NTR)

Crisis Application Group manages a professional and mature membership group. As such, we expect the highest standards of conduct from our members and affiliates. Crisis Application Group reserves the right to remove a client from either the business or client membership (or both) with out a refund. If a person is placed on the “Never to Return” list they will not be authorized to participate at any CAG events or use the Shop CAG online store. No refunds will be issued if gross misconduct leads to getting placed on the NTR list.

Retail purchases:

You have 14 days upon receipt of any retail item to notify Crisis Application Group in writing of the problem.

Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis.


Tactical Heavy (video)


Defender Series Chapter 1: Profiles of Readiness Episode 5: Tactical Heavy Synopsis: The Tactical Heavy profile includes plate carriers or traditional body armor as the next logical evolution in your profiles of readiness. Join CAG and ear tabs for your skills!: Gear links: Warrior Assault Systems, Recon Mk1 Plate carrier MSRP $262 : Warrior Assault systems DCS carrier MSRP $207.99: CAG Tier 1 IFAK MSRP $99.99:!/CAG-Ti... Grab Harness: Sponsor links: Defender series: Arizona Defense Supply Chapter 1: Profiles of Readiness: Jedburgh Targets Episode 5: Independence Training Crisis Application Group Ready-Sure-Secure IG@ crisis_application_group Facebook@ Crisis Application Group

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Our business group is perfect for small businesses looking to create or expand their brand using our National/international membership to engage with potential clients directly. The Crisis Application Group pools resources to obtain national advertising space on major radio and television spots to draw customers to our membership program. This level of exposure is generally cost prohibitive to start ups and small businesses. The Crisis Application Group advertising program helps you to avoid the restrictions associated with social media by broadcasting across traditional marketing platforms like radio and television. Members of the business group not only enjoy Co-Marketing logos but depending on the program can advertise across our social media program but will share a sponsorship position across all CAG events and publications. We pre Screen every company in the group to ensure they meet with our social and brand standards. NO POLITICAL groups or venues. Our advertising prices are based on fair market value (Prices change based on demand): We work with small businesses with financing options. We want to help!

CAG advertising packages:

Basic (Free for Special Forces [Green Beret] owned businesses that qualify):

  1. Co-Market logos (with active link) on CAGs Web Page footer
  2. Direct access to CAGs membership pages for audience interaction.
  3. Permission to use the CAG business logo on all of your media and advertising for the duration of the program.

Retail and services packages:

  1. Co-Market logos (with active link) on CAGs Web Page footer
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  3. Permission to use the CAG business logo on all of your media and advertising for the duration of the program.
  4. Your companies logo on the CAGNET membership forum
  5. Your companies link in our sponsorship profile on our Facebook page
  6. 1x ad a week in our social media affiliate program that reaches over 100k theme appropriate viewers.


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