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Refund Policy

Never to Return Policy (NTR)

Crisis Application Group manages a professional and mature membership group. As such, we expect the highest standards of conduct from our members and affiliates. Crisis Application Group reserves the right to remove a client from either the business or client membership (or both) with out a refund. If a person is placed on the “Never to Return” list they will not be authorized to participate at any CAG events or use the Shop CAG online store. No refunds will be issued if gross misconduct leads to getting placed on the NTR list.

Retail purchases:

You have 14 days upon receipt of any retail item to notify Crisis Application Group in writing of the problem.

Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis.


CAG "A"-Teams

CAG members who qualify are eligible to create a Crisis Application Group sanctioned training team. Members are automatically put into B Teams based on the state and counties, THEN, on their own initiative members can form and manage CAG sanctioned: Emergency Detachment-Alphas, or "A" Teams. CAG "A"-Teams receive:

  • A-Team level discount codes, which are higher percentages than standard member discounts
  • Are authorized to create their own team level patch to use with their CAG tabs
  • CAG teams can submit for paid sponsorship into events. If your team participates in a race or competition, CAGmain upon written request AND CAGmain approval will resource your team's event. *Terms and conditions may apply.
  • Participate in the "A"-Team based commission program. *Terms and conditions may apply
    • Teams will receive their own unique discount codes
    • Sales generated with this discount code can be given to the "A"-Team in the form of cash, credit at SHOP/CAG or applied towards affiliate training.
    • This is a great way to resource training and equipment for folks on a budget

To be eligible for team sanction, you must:

  • Submit written request on your intent to form a team
  • HAVE a minimum of 3 CAG members (Team leader keeps an accurate roster of members)
  • Participate in at least 3 separate CAG sanctioned venues:
    • Affiliate training
    • CAG events, or affiliate supported CAG events

"A"-Teams are given unique team codes based on their Emergency Action Group, State, and sanction date. For instance:

  • "A"-Team: 8CA-005
    • 8-8th EAG (Pacific Time Zone)
    • CA-California
    • 005-Team number 5

*Contact us for details, serious inquiries only please.

12743887_996454173735711_7043108491970975070_n CAG sanctioned A-Team: 2GA-002


Advertise with CAG

Our business group is perfect for small businesses looking to create or expand their brand using our National/international membership to engage with potential clients directly. The Crisis Application Group pools resources to obtain national advertising space on major radio and television spots to draw customers to our membership program. This level of exposure is generally cost prohibitive to start ups and small businesses. The Crisis Application Group advertising program helps you to avoid the restrictions associated with social media by broadcasting across traditional marketing platforms like radio and television. Members of the business group not only enjoy Co-Marketing logos but depending on the program can advertise across our social media program but will share a sponsorship position across all CAG events and publications. We pre Screen every company in the group to ensure they meet with our social and brand standards. NO POLITICAL groups or venues. Our advertising prices are based on fair market value (Prices change based on demand): We work with small businesses with financing options. We want to help!

CAG advertising packages:

Basic (Free for Special Forces [Green Beret] owned businesses that qualify):

  1. Co-Market logos (with active link) on CAGs Web Page footer
  2. Direct access to CAGs membership pages for audience interaction.
  3. Permission to use the CAG business logo on all of your media and advertising for the duration of the program.

Retail and services packages:

  1. Co-Market logos (with active link) on CAGs Web Page footer
  2. Direct access to CAGs membership pages for audience interaction.
  3. Permission to use the CAG business logo on all of your media and advertising for the duration of the program.
  4. Your companies logo on the CAGNET membership forum
  5. Your companies link in our sponsorship profile on our Facebook page
  6. 1x ad a week in our social media affiliate program that reaches over 100k theme appropriate viewers.


JAN 2015 overview for www.CAGmain.com


CAG Training Affiliates

We are always on the look out for small businesses to support our growing membership. If you think your training would qualify to issue CAG membership tabs then lets work together to spread the good message. Membership affiliates service our clients by offering their catalogs, directly to our highly motivated and proactive members. In return, our members get to take part in your training then CAG will recognize this relationship by issuing the appropriate skills tabs for the course received. This two way approach benefits everyone, you the trainers get access to our membership and our members get to learn new skills on their self defense and self reliance journey.

If you're interested in becoming a CAG membership affiliate, please click here to get registered. 


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