Jay P.

Jay P.

TACMED and SOF: (18Z) ret. 5th Special Forces Group (A) and 1st SFOD-D.

20 year highly motivated and decorated Army veteran who has served in both conventional units and in Special Operations in war and peacetime. World class survival science instructor. 

Specialties: Combat Marksmanship, Military Freefall, Urban Evasion, Explosive and conventional Breaching, Tactical Combat Medicine, Austere Critical Care Medicine, HUMINT and Counter Surveillance, CBRN mitigation, and low-visibility operations.

Website URL:

18TAC (CAG affiliate Trainer)

One-Eight Trainer, Advisor and Consultants Inc. aka 18TAC is a US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) owned company that specializes in Leadership Development, Defensive Tactics and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training that expand our community in the San Antonio area. Capable of bidding on US Government contracts, our goal through our government section is to provide employment for transitioning US military service members and law enforcement professionals that still feel the desire to serve our great nation both on US soil and abroad.

David Marshall

CEO, Master Trainer, US Army Special Forces Weapons and Operations Specialist (Retired)

David Marshall is the Master Trainer for all of the programs.  He creates, tests, publishes and facilitates trainings in a myriad of techniques. His passion is using his Green Beret experience to empower communities to be strong, respectful and resilient.

Alex Cestaro

COO, Government Section Lead, US Army Combat Infantryman (Retired)

Alex Cestaro is the government section lead that is responsible for bidding on federal contracts for employing our veterans.  He lives on Cape Cod and is the Current Comptroller for the Cape.

Click on the logo below to learn more:

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Refund Policy

Never to Return Policy (NTR)

Crisis Application Group manages a professional and mature membership group. As such, we expect the highest standards of conduct from our members and affiliates. Crisis Application Group reserves the right to remove a client from either the business or client membership (or both) with out a refund. If a person is placed on the “Never to Return” list they will not be authorized to participate at any CAG events or use the Shop CAG online store. No refunds will be issued if gross misconduct leads to getting placed on the NTR list.

Retail purchases:

You have 14 days upon receipt of any retail item to notify Crisis Application Group in writing of the problem.

Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis.

Tactical Heavy (video)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8W0jYotGCE&w=420&h=315]

Defender Series Chapter 1: Profiles of Readiness Episode 5: Tactical Heavy Synopsis: The Tactical Heavy profile includes plate carriers or traditional body armor as the next logical evolution in your profiles of readiness. Join CAG and ear tabs for your skills!: http://cagmain.com/cag-private-member... Gear links: Warrior Assault Systems, Recon Mk1 Plate carrier MSRP $262 : http://arizonadefensesupply.com/store... Warrior Assault systems DCS carrier MSRP $207.99:  http://arizonadefensesupply.com/store... CAG Tier 1 IFAK MSRP $99.99: http://cagmain.com/shop-cag/#!/CAG-Ti... Grab Harness: https://strategicrescueproducts.com/g... Sponsor links: Defender series: Arizona Defense Supply http://arizonadefensesupply.com/ Chapter 1: Profiles of Readiness: Jedburgh Targets http://www.jedburghtargets.com/ Episode 5: Independence Training http://www.independencetraining.com/ Crisis Application Group Ready-Sure-Secure www.CAGmain.com IG@ crisis_application_group Facebook@ Crisis Application Group

CAG "A"-Teams

CAG members who qualify are eligible to create a Crisis Application Group sanctioned training team. Members are automatically put into B Teams based on the state and counties, THEN, on their own initiative members can form and manage CAG sanctioned: Emergency Detachment-Alphas, or "A" Teams. CAG "A"-Teams receive:

  • A-Team level discount codes, which are higher percentages than standard member discounts
  • Are authorized to create their own team level patch to use with their CAG tabs
  • CAG teams can submit for paid sponsorship into events. If your team participates in a race or competition, CAGmain upon written request AND CAGmain approval will resource your team's event. *Terms and conditions may apply.
  • Participate in the "A"-Team based commission program. *Terms and conditions may apply
    • Teams will receive their own unique discount codes
    • Sales generated with this discount code can be given to the "A"-Team in the form of cash, credit at SHOP/CAG or applied towards affiliate training.
    • This is a great way to resource training and equipment for folks on a budget

To be eligible for team sanction, you must:

  • Submit written request on your intent to form a team
  • HAVE a minimum of 3 CAG members (Team leader keeps an accurate roster of members)
  • Participate in at least 3 separate CAG sanctioned venues:
    • Affiliate training
    • CAG events, or affiliate supported CAG events

"A"-Teams are given unique team codes based on their Emergency Action Group, State, and sanction date. For instance:

  • "A"-Team: 8CA-005
    • 8-8th EAG (Pacific Time Zone)
    • CA-California
    • 005-Team number 5

*Contact us for details, serious inquiries only please.

12743887_996454173735711_7043108491970975070_n CAG sanctioned A-Team: 2GA-002

Xstat- Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Pressure Discussion (Video)

If the video fails to load, Click here to watch

Medical Concepts: Intrisic vs. extrinsic pressure.  Synopsis: In this video we show you the difference between the two concepts of pressure using a Gen 7 CAT tourniquet, and the X-Stat trauma syringe....
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