CAG Memberships

Take part in a growing community of like-minded readiness focused people like yourself. The Crisis Application Group consists of law abiding citizens and small businesses in your area looking to network, find members near you and get started.

There are no prerequisites to join except that you are ACTIVE WITH TRAINING AND READINESS or want to become so! We have members all over the country from every walk of life and we are recruiting more PRO-ACTIVE and social members. This isn’t a cool guy club, our members expect to learn AND teach!

You are broken down by time zones into EMERGENCY ACTION GROUPS -or- EAGs, from there we assign you to a B-Team based on your county and state, this will be reflected in your membership number.

  • EST: 2nd Emergency Action Group (EAG)
  • CST: 4th Emergency Action Group (EAG)
  • MST: 6th Emergency Action Group (EAG)
  • PST: 8th Emergency Action Group (EAG)

You will receive access to online media where you get direct feedback to your questions from our Special Forces operators, farmers, survivalist and more…..Its a fun community of likeminded patriots with common sense applications for every day dilemmas.

Annual Membership

With your membership purchase you will receive:

  • CAG member T-Shirt
  • CAG membership patch
  • Welcome letter and rules with your membership number
  • Access the secret Facebook page for the EAG where you can network and barter
  • Access to member training and networking
  • B-Team level discounts at SHOP CAG and more…
  • Members can host training events and coordinate with CAG staff for local training!



USD 100
Per 1