(draft, need Al + Jays insight) Low-Light Treatment of Trauma Casualties

Low light patient treatment is not only for the warfighter on a night mission. In emergency situations where one may sift through rubble after a natural disaster or through buildings in an urban jungle without electricity, it can be difficult to even manuever in no/low-light conditions, especially if you lack night vision capabilities, do not have light, or the tactical situation does not permit you having heavy illumination. Points to write about:
  • Chemlights ( cut package for directional lighting )
  • Headlamps (when tactical situation permits. L-shaped flashlights is a cheaper alternative)
  • Advanced: Cost of night vision 
  • Either way, treatment of the patient will require clinical decision making. Are you able to use light or no? Is the scene safe (the lights are off), is time of the essence (structural instability) and do you know the Mechanism of Injury (how he got hurt.) 
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