CAGs IFAK for families (CAGT1MP)

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One event that's common to every major crisis is emergency trauma, think about tornadoes, hurricanes, avalanches, hunting accidents, car crashes, chainsaws the list goes on. Are you ready for the number 1 statistically probable event? Trauma..... Our Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) is designed by Green Berets and Special Missions (SMU) medics for use by civilians. Everything a person needs to stabilize a patient in the field is all in one carefully selected package. We know you're not military or law enforcement and we understand that you don't have access to support like they do, so we designed a kit that works for you out in the real world. The CAG Tier Med Pack (CAGT1MP) contains the essential items to treat the 3 leading causes of preventable death in the field.
  • Packaged for small cube space, designed to fit into a BDU pocket or current IFAK pouch.
  • Vacuum-sealed in a rugged, durable, easy-to-open clear package so that kit contents can be easily visualized.
  • Only core trauma products, no filler, no fluff, no waste.
CAG has partnered with North American Rescue to bring you a high quality low cost IFAK, designed by Seasoned Special Forces medics for you at home. The CAGT1MP is a compact, durable and easy-to-open vacuum sealed kit that contains the essential items to treat the 3 leading causes of preventable death – extremity hemorrhage, airway obstruction and tension pneumothorax. Designed to fit into a BDU pocket or IFAK pouch, the CAGT1MP is packaged in a clear bag to allow easy visualization of the kit contents while protecting the items from the elements. If preferred, the contents can also be removed from the vacuum sealed packaging to re-stock an existing IFAK. The CAGT1MP features the everything you need for a full MARCH assessment under TCCC guidelines. Together with critical hemorrhage control, the CAGT1MP also addresses airway and breathing management as well as hypothermia for the delayed evacuation that comes with isolation and adventure. Contents include: 1x CATTQ, 2x 4" ETD, 2x NAR Z-Fold Gauze, 1x ARS Needle Decomp kit 14ga, 1x Hyfin Vented chest seal, Twin pack, 1x Nasopharyngeal Airway 28f, 1x Emergency Survival Blanket, OPTIONAL:2x Z-fold vacuum sealed combat gauze.


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