The Austere Medicine Tab

[caption id="attachment_2507" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Austere Medicine Tab Austere Medicine Tab[/caption] To earn the Austere medicine Tab you have to submit video proof of:

  • A MARCH patient assessment
  • Must be in sequence according to
  • You MUST verbalize (Say out loud) what you are doing so we can follow along with you
  • The video in its entirety MUST be under 2 minutes, this includes your introduction stating your membership number


Plus your choice of 1 video submission from these topics (Same 2 minute standard, with membership number intro), be creative and practice we aren't giving you the answer for this one:

  • A CoTCCC approved tourniquet self applied to your arm (one handed application)
  • A home made tourniquet self applied to your thigh, we will assess the tourniquet you create
  • a Homemade 3 sided AND 4 sided occlusive dressing to a chest. This looks easy, but we can tell if it doesn't seal.......

Plus submit a picture of your IFAK, it must include:

  • Your membership number written or printed on a card, no video edits
  • Your IFAK must contain the items required to treat every category of MARCH.
  • Manufactured IFAKs are acceptable, BUT they must contain ALL items required for a full MARCH assessment.
  • Home made supplies are entirely acceptable

Plus submit a copy of any outside medical certification (Current), examples include:

  • Red Cross First AID
  • Red Cross CPR
  • National Registry certificates MUST be current
  • Combat life saver certificates must be with in 24 months of the issue date
  • Any state licensure MUST be current
  • "Other" medical training will be considered on a case by case basis.

Tabs can also be earned and issued by attending:

  • CAGs intro to Austere medicine course
  • CAG week end tactical Clinic "Austere Medicine"
    • You must send in a copy of your certificate for credit.....If you've lost it contact us.

Instructions for video submissions can be found on the bottom of this page.

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