CAG "A"-Teams

CAG members who qualify are eligible to create a Crisis Application Group sanctioned training team. Members are automatically put into B Teams based on the state and counties, THEN, on their own initiative members can form and manage CAG sanctioned: Emergency Detachment-Alphas, or "A" Teams. CAG "A"-Teams receive:

  • A-Team level discount codes, which are higher percentages than standard member discounts
  • Are authorized to create their own team level patch to use with their CAG tabs
  • CAG teams can submit for paid sponsorship into events. If your team participates in a race or competition, CAGmain upon written request AND CAGmain approval will resource your team's event. *Terms and conditions may apply.
  • Participate in the "A"-Team based commission program. *Terms and conditions may apply
    • Teams will receive their own unique discount codes
    • Sales generated with this discount code can be given to the "A"-Team in the form of cash, credit at SHOP/CAG or applied towards affiliate training.
    • This is a great way to resource training and equipment for folks on a budget

To be eligible for team sanction, you must:

  • Submit written request on your intent to form a team
  • HAVE a minimum of 3 CAG members (Team leader keeps an accurate roster of members)
  • Participate in at least 3 separate CAG sanctioned venues:
    • Affiliate training
    • CAG events, or affiliate supported CAG events

"A"-Teams are given unique team codes based on their Emergency Action Group, State, and sanction date. For instance:

  • "A"-Team: 8CA-005
    • 8-8th EAG (Pacific Time Zone)
    • CA-California
    • 005-Team number 5

*Contact us for details, serious inquiries only please.

12743887_996454173735711_7043108491970975070_n CAG sanctioned A-Team: 2GA-002

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