The Communications Tab

Members, for the Communications Tab requirements, please submit your Technicians License information (US) or equivalent in other countries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Survival Tab

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A prerequisite to earn the Survival Tab is you must have taken a CAG sanctioned class for the Austere Medicine tab. It isn't feasible to learn survival without basic first aid skills.

2 Video requirements

First 2 minute video will be of your primitive camp with:

  • A primitive shelter, nothing store bought may be used in the construction of the shelter.
  • A cooking station (NOT just a fire), we will leave the definition of cook station up to you (Be creative).
  • At least one hand made tool, that consists of a minimum of 2 parts and demonstrate its use (Hatchet, hammer, or a trap).
The second 2 minute video will be of you starting a fire:
  • You must start it without matches OR a lighter and no accelerants (like lighter fluid or fire starters of any kind).
  • There must be at least 30 seconds of sustained flame, with no addition of fuel.

Requirements for video submissions can found on the bottom of this page...

Pictures of 3 separate survival kits(this must include your membership number):

Personal survival kit (NOT YOUR EDC) should contain:
  1. Fire starter
  2. Navigation aid
  3. Cutting device or blade
  4. Food gathering implement (Can be fish hooks)
  5. Cordage
  6. Signal device
  7. Water container
  8. Water treatment
Vehicle Survival Kit (It must contain at a minimum):
  1. 1 day of food (For any number of people)
  2. 1 day of water (For any number of people)
  3. IFAK (Mandatory, no exceptions)
  4. 2x Signal devices
  5. Food gathering implement (Can be fishing tackle)
  6. Water purification system plus water container
  7. Shelter system
  8. Spare set of clothes
  9. 1 item that is specific to your geographical or seasonal area.
Home Survival Kit (It must contain at a minimum):
  1. 3 days of food (For any number of people)
  2. 3 days of water (For any number of people)
  3. another, seperate IFAK (Mandatory, no exceptions)
  4. 3x Signal devices
  5. 1x UHF/VHF radio of any kind
  6. Shelter system
  7. Food gathering implement: can be fishing tackle, seeds or a garden (just show us a separate pic of your garden with your membership number)
  8. Water purification system plus water container
  9. 1x weapon system of any kind
  10. Spare set of clothes
  11. 1 item that is specific to your geographical or seasonal conditions


You can attend any one of these CAG sanctioned course: Coming soon...  

The Austere Medicine Tab

[caption id="attachment_2507" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Austere Medicine Tab Austere Medicine Tab[/caption] To earn the Austere medicine Tab you have to submit video proof of:

  • A MARCH patient assessment
  • Must be in sequence according to
  • You MUST verbalize (Say out loud) what you are doing so we can follow along with you
  • The video in its entirety MUST be under 2 minutes, this includes your introduction stating your membership number


Plus your choice of 1 video submission from these topics (Same 2 minute standard, with membership number intro), be creative and practice we aren't giving you the answer for this one:

  • A CoTCCC approved tourniquet self applied to your arm (one handed application)
  • A home made tourniquet self applied to your thigh, we will assess the tourniquet you create
  • a Homemade 3 sided AND 4 sided occlusive dressing to a chest. This looks easy, but we can tell if it doesn't seal.......

Plus submit a picture of your IFAK, it must include:

  • Your membership number written or printed on a card, no video edits
  • Your IFAK must contain the items required to treat every category of MARCH.
  • Manufactured IFAKs are acceptable, BUT they must contain ALL items required for a full MARCH assessment.
  • Home made supplies are entirely acceptable

Plus submit a copy of any outside medical certification (Current), examples include:

  • Red Cross First AID
  • Red Cross CPR
  • National Registry certificates MUST be current
  • Combat life saver certificates must be with in 24 months of the issue date
  • Any state licensure MUST be current
  • "Other" medical training will be considered on a case by case basis.

Tabs can also be earned and issued by attending:

  • CAGs intro to Austere medicine course
  • CAG week end tactical Clinic "Austere Medicine"
    • You must send in a copy of your certificate for credit.....If you've lost it contact us.

Instructions for video submissions can be found on the bottom of this page.

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