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-25%$262.49 each
IFAK Options


The CAG Tier 2 IFAK is a supplement to the Tier 1 and isn't intended to be a "stand alone" medical kit.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

The Tier 2 IFAK has what you need to perform secondary care and is designed to go in either your car, ho9me or carried by a designated medic.

It includes:

10-0019 Cyclone BVM EA 1.0 
10-0018 Tactical Suction Device EA 1.0 
ZZ-0063 Trauma Shears- Large EA 1.0 
ZZ-0056 14g Decomp Cath EA 2.0 
ZZ-0034 28 NPAs EA 2.0 
ZZ-0050 Petrolium Gauze EA 2.0 
ZZ-0049 Roll- Medical tape EA 1.0 
20-0040 Triage Card Pack EA 2.0 
30-0142 Polycarbon Eye Shield EA 4.0 
30-0032 NAR 6" ETD EA 4.0 
ZZ-0099 Black Talon Glove Kit EA 5.0 
50-1005 SAM Splint EA 4.0 
30-0007 6" Ace Wrap EA 4.0 
ZZ-0062 Aviation Panel EA 1.0 
70-0007 NAR PPE Kit EA 2.0

The pro version also includes:

30-0013 NAR Saline Lock Kit EA 2.0 
ZZ-0259 Armadillo Med Case EA 1.