Jay P.

Jay P.

TACMED and SOF: (18Z) ret. 5th Special Forces Group (A) and 1st SFOD-D.

20 year highly motivated and decorated Army veteran who has served in both conventional units and in Special Operations in war and peacetime. World class survival science instructor. 

Specialties: Combat Marksmanship, Military Freefall, Urban Evasion, Explosive and conventional Breaching, Tactical Combat Medicine, Austere Critical Care Medicine, HUMINT and Counter Surveillance, CBRN mitigation, and low-visibility operations.

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New medical tool

Adjustable Oral Airways


For years we have watched clinicians struggle with the traditional airways. Many have stopped utilizing them altogether. We, at NuZone Medical, following American Heart Association (AHA) recommendations, felt that it was time for a new airway. One you could actually work with! We observed the current airways to be difficult to size correctly and insert; thus, making them uncomfortable for the patient. Plus, they do not allow for an easy airway clearance. In addition, if the patient’s Level of Consciousness (LOC) improves, the traditional airways stimulate a gag reflex, which makes it necessary to remove the airway with a potential for reinsertion if a need arises. The Dual-Air® Adjustable Oral Airway provides solutions to many of the above mentioned situations. This adjustable airway is pretty awesome for the field medic. We will be doing some more testing this year but after seeing this at the conference i just wanted to share it with all of you. www.NUZONE.com Crisis Application Group Ready-Sure-Secure www.CAGmain.com #JedburghTargets
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