Wound Packing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KHaXzwdyes&w=560&h=315 Great video from the pros over at www.TacMedSolutions.com. Hop on over to their YouTube channel and give them a like! Uploaded on Oct 23, 2007 Visit our educational blog at www.tacmedsolutions.com for more information.


Meet One of Our 2015 Fall Mud Race Sponsors!

BorderHawk provides a unique blend of senior security professionals and technical services that have helped companies across a variety of industry sectors protect their critical assets and information resources. The firm provides effective tools and methods that have been proven to meet compliance and industry requirements in developing information security programs and solutions. borderhawk From an enterprise perspective to the system level, BorderHawk provides key information risk support for  — strategic planning, policy analysis or development, controls design, solutions implementation, regulatory compliance, or even as technical project managers.  BorderHawk recognizes that a business is better able to achieve its goals when information security is effectively integrated into its operational environment. Team Description The BorderHawk Team has decades of experience conducting all types of security related engagements.  While only one or two individuals may be identified as being assigned to a specific project, this group works as a cohesive team.  Consequently, they are constantly communicating with each other in order to provide our client with the best possible outcome. http://www.borderhawk.com/
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