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The Engineering Functional Area is designed to provide the skills necessary for Members and small communities to attain a greater level of self sufficiency. Construction and Fortification, Fabrication, Power, Mechanical and Maintenance self sufficient Living Skills are the focus. Many of these skills are taught at Tech and Trade Schools or by CAG Affiliate Trainers.

The BASIC Engineering Program

Designed to build strong foundations in Safe, Self Sufficient, Sustainable long term family and group skills. This skill program is intended to focus on the skills necessary to build and maintain structures, maintain and recover vehicles and to provide power production and storage. The skills learned in this program are continuously evolving and very diverse.
Those that meet the requirements of this program will earn a Basic Homesteading Tab.

Earning the Basic Engineering Tab

A PREREQUISITE to earn the Engineering Tab is you must have previously earned the CAG Austere Medical Tab.

There is one path to earning the Basic Engineering Tab:

The Member must attend a course or show proficiency in at least one Subject in at least FOUR(4) of the Engineering Subject Categories, with SAFETY being a MANDATORY Subject.
That's One Course/Project in EACH of THREE(3) Selected Engineering Subject Categories AND One Course/Project in SAFETY.

MENTOR Program Assistance is available, Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will attempt to assist your learning!

Courses must be provided by CAG, a CAG Affiliate, or an Approved Third Party (Coordinate with CAG prior).

  • Proficiency may be shown either by providing Nationally Recognized Trade Certifications or Providing Photo/Video Documentation of a Project for that Category.
  • Photo Project Documentation must always have the Members Name, Project and Member Number prominently displayed on a card in the photo, no Photo edits.
  • Video Documentation must always begin with the Member clearly stating their Name, Project and Member Number, no Video edits.
  • Members should coordinate all projects, courses, and Certifications with CAG Management in advance to verify they meet the CAG Training Goals for that Category.

The Homesteading Categories are Arranged as follows with Suggestions/Examples for Course/Project Subjects:

Again, these are merely suggestions. Members should submit for and gain approval for their ideas for Course/Project Subjects to CAG prior to comitting to them.


  • Basic Safety Concepts     (OSHA 10-Hour Construction or General Safety Courses)
  • Basic Fire Fighting          (NFPA or local basic fire training)
  • Basic Search and Rescue  (Urban or Wilderness SAR) 


  • Basic Construction Skills
  • Basic Roofing Troubleshooting/Repair
  • Basic Plumbing Troubleshooting/Repair
  • Basic Electrical Troubleshooting/Repair 


  • Home/Structure Fortification - Basic   (Safe and Discrete methods to harden a home from forced entry or attack)
  • Field Fortification - Basic                   (Safe and Discreet methods and concepts for slowing or deterring entry into an area)


  • Basic Woodworking/Carpentry  
  • Basic Metalworking                  (forging, manufacturing or repairing tools, components or items with hand tools)
  • Basic Welding


  • Basic Automotive Maintenance/Repair
  • Vehicle Recovery Skills                       (Safe and efficient means to remove a stuck vehicle... especially your own)


  • Alternate Power Production       (Solar/PV, Wind, Hydro, Geo, "Gasifier", or Generator means to produce and Distribute Power)
  • Power Storage and Distribution (Safe and Efficient Means to Store and distribute electrical power throughout a home or site)


  • Small/Household Appliance Repair - Basic  (Safe and efficient Maintenance and Repair of everyday appliances with minimal replacement components)


To Request Tab Credit you must:

  • First, ensure that you are logged into your personal profile on and that your profile is complete


  • All Course/Project Videos and Presentations should be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • On the Home Page, select the MEMBERS ONLY tab
  • In the drop down menu, select the REQUEST TAB CREDIT tab
  • Fill out the blocks completely, incomplete submissions will not be accepted
  • Upload an electronic copy of your Certificates into the block provided
  • Don't forget to hit the SUBMIT button
  • The CAG Staff will process your request and contact you.
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