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https://youtu.be/oncbkIRnRqE Defender series Chapter 1: Profiles of readiness Episode 2: Tactical lite Intro: Here at CAGmain we use our pistol belts for emergency work. We recognize that we aren't carrying our rifles very often, so we make sure to separate rifle and pistol equipment on our duty belts. Gear links: WARRIOR ASSAULT SYSTEMS Enhanced PLB Patrol Belt MSRP $86.99: http://arizonadefensesupply.com/store/#!/WARRIOR-ASSAULT-SYSTEMS-Enhanced-PLB-Patrol-Belt/p/55719234/category=15743935 WARRIOR ASSAULT SYSTEMS Personal Medic Rip Off MSRP $49.99: http://arizonadefensesupply.com/store/#!/WARRIOR-ASSAULT-SYSTEMS-Personal-Medic-Rip-Off/p/55719232/category=14669442 CAG tier 1 IFAK MSRP $99.99: http://cagmain.com/shop-cag/#!/CAG-Tier-1-Med-Pack/p/50478734/category=13147503 CTOMS rescue/battle harness MSRP $811.29: http://www.narescue.com/CTOMS_M-Harness_QRPS-_MTC-CNBD67B1DAE2F3.html?BC=!PARENTID! Sponsors: Defender series: Arizona Defense Supply http://arizonadefensesupply.com/ Chapter 1: Jedburgh Targets http://www.jedburghtargets.com/ Episode 2: KMFJ LLC http://kmfjmil.com/ Crisis Application Group Ready-Sure-Secure www.CAGmain.com Instagram@ crisis_application_group  

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