Jay P.

Jay P.

TACMED and SOF: (18Z) ret. 5th Special Forces Group (A) and 1st SFOD-D.

20 year highly motivated and decorated Army veteran who has served in both conventional units and in Special Operations in war and peacetime. World class survival science instructor. 

Specialties: Combat Marksmanship, Military Freefall, Urban Evasion, Explosive and conventional Breaching, Tactical Combat Medicine, Austere Critical Care Medicine, HUMINT and Counter Surveillance, CBRN mitigation, and low-visibility operations.

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The incredible edible Kudzu!

[caption id="attachment_59" align="alignright" width="326"]A Kudzu bulb A Kudzu bulb[/caption] Whenever you drive down the interstate in Georgia you see this cool green vine stretched endlessly along power lines, walls and signs. It's Kudzu and it's encroaching mercilessly thru out the south. It's not a native plant species to the area and is largely considered a pest. Despite every effort to tame it, it just keeps coming back. It cant be beat. The secret to Kudzus resiliency is a big beefy bulb at the root base of the vine. It kind of looks like a long sweet potato. Every year the vine dies off but new green sprouts up from the bulb again like clockwork. These things are seemingly bullet proof and that's good news for you the prepper.  It turns out Kudzu is edible. I grew up in the south and had no idea, a SERE school instructor showed us in class and now I think about it every time I see the vine along an old brick wall. Atlanta is literally under attack by food! With a little elbow grease, you can dig up the bulb and throw them in a boil. They can weigh anywhere from 5lbs to 15lbs depending on the age of the plant. They are a little bitter but totally edible. Some restaurants are experimenting with new recipes as we speak in an effort to generate demand to help harvest Kudzu off the streets. You can Google plenty of recipes but in a pinch serve them up like mashed potatoes and you'll be ok. The next time you are out and about looking for a cool new prepper trick, bring home a Kudzu bulb and serve it up. It's everywhere and abundant, even in downtown Atlanta!


Fall 2015 Mud Races

We are excited to announce that Crisis Application Group (CAG) will be participating in the 2015 Georgia fall race circuit! We are heading out to some of the toughest mud runs in the South to spread the word about CAG's products and training, and the sponsors who support us.

Sponsor the CAG race team!

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to take part in the action. As part of this promotion, your company name will share the spotlight with CAG at both events– with an expected turn out of more than 6,500 rough and tough participants, plus thousands of spectators.

The 2015 Udder mud run and the Rugged Maniac!

Meet our sponsors!

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Forum: CAG NET

Go to our membership page on Facebook for password and updates:

  The CAG forum or CAG NET is a networking tool for members, free from the constraints of social media rules. It features:
  • CAG Members only
  • Well organized and professional
  • Private File sharing
  • Private Email
  • Private messaging
  • Buy, sell, trade
  • Subject matter expertise in theme driven discussions and dialogue
  • Direct Special Forces operator to audience feedback on questions
  • Crowd sourcing information and serves as an affordable means to networking nationally and locally for subscribers

Click on the CAG LOGO to enter!!!!


Crisis Application Group is moving here!

As many of you are aware, Crisis Application Group is undergoing some substantive changes due to our recent success. Part of that requires us to clean up our online presence and create for you a more user friendly online format for new content and CAG to audience interaction.

Please be patient while we make this change and we hope to see all of you here in our new location!


About CAG

WHO WE ARE:We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVO) small business headquartered in Atlanta and have evolved from our real world experience on battle fields and crisis zones across the globe. Our experience has developed a razor sharp approach to planning and training that can be tailored for any individual or family on a budget. Our core staff of active duty and retired Special Forces Cadre (Green Berets) have spent years operating in every venue you can imagine, from the largest cities to the farthest farms. Collectively we have decades of real world, hands on experience.

OUR MISSION: To establish and support a mature and professional community to facilitate discussion and training between the civilian market and professional trainers/retailers.

CAG Membership: Consists of highly motivated and proactive civilians looking to learn, train and purchase retail from trusted veteran owned businesses. Our members are dedicated to self reliance and self defense as well as creating their own network of likeminded law abiding citizens for mutual support during times of crisis.

CAG Business group: The CAG business group consists of veteran owned small business interested in fostering the relationship between highly trained professional instructors or retail managers and a proactive mature audience.

  • Facebook: @ Crisis Application Group
  • Twitter: @ CAGmain
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  • Tumblr: @ CAGmain
  • Pinterest: @ Crisis Application Group
  • Youtube: @ Crisis Application Group

Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9am-5pm EST 


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