Members can earn a Glock 30!

As our membership is well aware, here at the Crisis Application Group we try and foster a proactive group of readiness minded families. Our Distance learning program is designed to set realistic standards and focuses on what the military calls the "Total Warrior" concept. Its not good enough to be a great marksman, we expect our members to learn first-aid, how to operate a radio, what to do if they get stranded or a neighbor calls for help. Crisis Application Group recognizes that there are variety of good readiness focused training programs out there and we want you to step up and go get them. Our goal is to create PROACTIVE leaders and that means getting you off the key board and out into the world. CAG offers the EAG distinct set of tabs as awards for completing the circle of training on your CAG patch. Completing this circle shows your peers that you are a well rounded and performance oriented leader, and qualifies you to participate in ever growing and more complex training venues designed just for the EAG. For those members who live remotely or cant attend CAG training in person we have the EAG distance learning program. The rules are simple: Submit your proof, earn a tab. Each tab has a unique set of standards that are designed to be realistic, and generate initiative on behalf of the student. Its time not only learn how, but how to do it at home. We are offering to our members of the Emergency Action Group, who trains using the distance learning program a new Glock 30, .45 subcompact with a custom CAG back plate! The first remote member to successfully earn 4 tabs and complete the circle around their patch wins!
Last modified onThursday, 20 April 2017 06:31
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