CAG - Back Online

CAG - Back Online

No, it wasn't the Russians... In fact, it would appear it was some Brazilians?!?

What the heck is going on with CAGMain over the past 18 hours?

russian hackerIf you've tried to send a CAG link to a friend in the past 18 hours on Facebook or InstaGram, you might have seen that wouldn't be accepted in the message temporarily. Here's what was going on...

As Crisis Application Group has grown its membership base, we decided it was time to develop the new site and mobile application. We had outgrown our previous content management system's capabilities and needed to get into a more robust, long-term software platform. So we had the new site built and had the content migrated over from the previous site.

During that migration process, there was a directory from the previous content management system that was automatically transferred over to help preserve some of the content. Unfortunately, we overlooked an old archive of that folder. 

On 6/4/17, that leftover archive from the old system was compromised and allowed some files to be injected into the file structure which might redirect some browsers. We dug through and found the old directory that was the issue, and removed it from the site. We restored a clean backup from before that time period, and as of about 8:00 a.m. this morning the site was 100% secure and restored to full functionality. 

We also put in an appeal for re-instatement with Facebook and Instagram, which has since been granted as they confirmed that the site is 100% safe and secure. The new Content Management System is robust, secure, and thoroughly proven through the web-industry. It was indeed a vulnerability that we inherited from the previous system which has since been resolved.

We certainly apologize for anyone who was experienced the brief hiccup, and as always we will continue to work through any growing pains that might scarcely arise.

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