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Why is French Toast the Ultimate Survival Food

Why is French Toast the Ultimate Survival Food

Is French Toast the ultimate survival food?  
When there is an adverse condition predicted whats the first thing everyone reaches for?  Bread Milk and eggs!  Why is everyone eating French Toast during a these events?  This is like many things in our lives that come from our upbringing and family traditions.  Everyone remembers mom telling dad on his way home from work before the blizzard to get bread milk and eggs.  There is even a Twitter account that pushes the panic button for this.  @FrenchToastalrt twitter account has over 3600 followers some of whom are grocery chain suppliers.  Its a code used commonly by supply chain managers to start pushing production and higher delivery quantities into the stores ahead of the predicted events.  The thought is that in looking forward most of the population thinks only in short term and what they don't have enough of.  Toilet paper is another item that sees spikes in consumer purchasing in predicted emergencies.  


Looking forward we have a tendency to only look at what the past has done.  For example when we purchase a perishable item such as the ones listed above we look to what has happened with the predicted events of recent memory.  Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992 was a classic example.  The prediction was that it was a cat 4-5 and that people should evacuate.  The general thought was how bad could it be.  Previous years storms had only gone as high as a low cat 3.  No one it recent history had experienced a cat 5 and thought they could ride it out.  The destruction of Andrew is still legendary in south Florida.  One of the reasons is that people rode it out and nearly didn't survive.  The following year when a cat 1 was predicted and southern Florida emptied.  It had such reverberations that the following year other hurricanes that were predicted to make landfall in the gulf had the same effect.


So in our immediate reaction purchases we look to the most recent event and make the purchase.  The last blizzard predicted 4 inches of snow and we only got 2 inches.  The coming storm is predicting 8 inches show I will get enough for a couple of days

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