The Shotgun in a world of ARs

Certainly underrated and overlooked in today's market as friend to the prepper arsenal, that shotgun is without doubt one of the most valuable weapon systems you can own.Certainly underrated and overlooked in today's market as friend to the prepper arsenal, the shotgun is without doubt one of the most valuable weapon systems you can own. A proven performer, the shotgun boasts the widest array of specialty ammunition selections there is and without argument the largest compliment of capability. From standard shot and slugs to "Less Lethal" to multiple forms of specialty ammunition intended for dealing with threats of all shapes and sizes, even signaling via flares - look no further than your friendly pump action or auto shotgun.

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Not all preppers are made out of money these days. Many cannot afford to drop a grand or more on an AR or higher end AK or similar. Much less all of the magazines and additional accessories needed to complete the package but nonetheless want the ability to effectively defend what is theirs. The shotgun allows them a lower cost but incredibly effective alternative to accomplish this task.


Pictured above is my personal choice for this piece of the small arms puzzle, the FN Tactical Police. Outfitted with AR type sights, grip and telescopic stock. A C-More red dot fast acquisition sight and a ported barrel with selectable chokes, this particular model fits the bill for all of the needs I look for when I search for a shotgun. Highly reliable, I choose the pump-action as I personally feel that semi-autos have a higher fail rate. But that's just my personal opinion. (and experience) Where ammunition is concerned, it's typically stacked with full power 00 buckshot or slugs. Also readily available, a nauseating array of specialty ammunition because I like it and like to push this platform to it's limits. I keep a wide array of LTL ammo on or near the gun in the event of a home defense or other scenario that doesn't require a lethal response. If I don't HAVE to kill, I'd rather not. "Bean Bags", rubber rockets, baton rounds, rubber pellets, pepper spray, hydrokinetic impact bags and quite a few others open up a plethora of options for you to select from to change the outcome of your situation. Not every encounter needs to result in death. We'll let you decide which ones do.

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As far as things like "reduced power" and "low recoil" rounds. Foolish. The only person you are screwing there is YOU. By reducing recoil or power you are in fact reducing EFFECTIVENESS. Your life, your choice. Train how you intend to fight. Widely available and typically considered highly reliable, the shotgun has for over a century fed, fought and provided for countless lives and will continue to do so for many years to come. Let's see yours, hear about what you chose and why and hear some feedback about where you stand on the mighty SHOTGUN!




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